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   The sustainable use of natural resources, environmental management and protection addressed to all human activities, should become programs of national and regional priority. Taking into account the new economical and social conditions in Romania, the development of "professional education" require a new approach through training and re-training, especially in the area of the Black Sea coast. In this direction, E.E.A. obtained on 8th June, 2004 the Authorizations - Series CT no. 000012 and no. 000013 - of two training courses: for university graduates - "environmental system manager" specialization and for lyceum graduates - "ecology technician" specialization, according to the Romanian legislation approved by the Ministry of Labor, Solidarity and Family and the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth. Also, we start the process of accreditation for advanced courses in the same specialization, which will be dedicated to the employees working in environmental departments. The main objective of the Training Center is to offer training on new professions to the specialists and unemployed, in order to improve their professional statues and to update their knowledge on modern environmental management. The activities of the Training Centers during 2004, it was divided in four series, as following:
» 1st series for university degrees, during 5th of April - 21st of May, 2004 in ECOIND Bucharest, graduating 27 trainees;
» 2nd series for lyceum degrees, during 21st of June - 30 of July, 2004 in NIMRD "Grigore Antipa" Constanta, graduating 24 trainees;
» 3rd series for university degrees, during 1st of September - 15th of October, 2004 in ECOIND Bucharest, graduating 32 trainees;
» 4th series for university degrees, during 13th of September - 22nd of October, 2004 in NIMRD "Grigore Antipa" Constanta, graduating 28 trainees.
Cursuri       Cursuri
The structure of the curricula is distributed in four modules (basic, intermediary, advanced and special knowledge); each specific course includes theory and practical activity.
Domains of interest: environmental education, environmental legislation, ecology and biodiversity, the control of air, soil and waters quality, protection and environmental management, implementation of ISO 14000; risk assessment, etc.