•     EUROPEAN ENVIRONMENTAL ASSOCIATION - EEA is a non-governmental organization that operates in accordance to its Statute and with international legislation. It was established on 04.04.2003 in Constanta, taking over part of the activities carried-out by the Balkan Environmental Association (BENA) in Romania. The purpose of the association is to promote and protect the quality and safety of the environment and to organize introductory courses (authorization series CT no. 000012 - 000013/08.04.2004) and training courses on environmental protection (authorization series CT no. 000074 and 000075/27.04.2005). The courses are held for two categories of professional occupations: university graduates, in the specialization "Environmental Management Systems Manager" (COR code no. 242304) and courses for lyceum graduates, in the specialization "Ecology Technician" (COR code no. 321106).
  •     European Environmental Association in partnership with the National Institute for Marine Research and Development "Grigore Antipa" Constanta, has organized up to date 20 series of courses in the field of environmental protection, provided to the trainees free of charge, with the support of organizations/companies such as: Balkan Environmental Association (B.EN.A.), TITAN S.A., Tomini Trading SRL, SC CARPATCEMENT HOLDING SA, BANCPOST, and eight series of courses for the employees of the Constanta Maritime Ports Administration, the Constanta Branch of Petromar, the Natural Sciences Museum Complex Constanta.
  •     The personnel involved in the training process consists of representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency Constanta, the Constanta Environmental Guard, NIMRD "Grigore Antipa", the Naval Academy "Mircea cel Batran", the Regional Meteorological Center Constanta, all experts with high scientific experience in the field of environmental management.
  •     EEA, with the support of the Balkan Environmental Association (B.EN.A), has initiated the Program for research projects and scholarships for young scientists, with the following thematic directions: environmental management, quality systems, methods and technologies for ecosystem protection and restoration, recycling, solid waste, environmental impact of radioactivity, the harmonization of environmental legislation in the context of EU integration, environmental education. Thus, EEA has funded 17 projects and 10 research scholarships for young researchers.
  •     EEA applied in 2012 as partner in the frame of the Second Call for Proposals Black Sea Cross Border Cooperation Program/Joint Operational Programme "Black Sea basin 2007-2013" relating to the CREATION OF A BLACK SEA NETWORK FOR SUSTAINABLE TOURISM DEVELOPMENT IN BULGARIA, ROMANIA, UKRAINE, MOLDOVA AND GEORGIA (BS - TOURISM NET) Project.
  •     Scientific seminars, workshops in the field of environmental protection, meetings dedicated to the celebration of the International Day of the Environment, the Vama Veche - 2 Mai Marine Reserve Day and other environmental education activities are being organized in partnership with elementary schools/high-schools in the Constanta County and public institutions: Students'' Club Constanta, NIMRD "Grigore Antipa", Constanta Municipality, the Natural Sciences Museum Complex.
30 MARCH - 2 APRIL 2016
International Conference on Green Development, Infrastructure, Technology "GREDIT 2016", Skopje, Macedonia
23 - 25 JUNE 2016
3rd International Conference Water Across Time in Engineering Research "WATER 2016", Constanta, Romania
10 - 13 NOVEMBER 2016
6th International Conference "Protection of Natural Resources and Environmental Management: The main tools for sustainability" PRONASEM 2016, Bucharest, Romania